Hawaiian Trunks: A Story of Destiny

In Hawaii for the wedding of his lovers, Toby Lee wonders if he’ll ever find a love like Clay & Colin. When he meets Wolff, a hot bartender, over the course of a weekend, he thinks it could just be possible. Toby Lee puts his foot down and decides that his love life is far more important than the so-called friends who take advantage of him. A broken law, handcuffs, and a kiss might just seal the deal on his future.

Is the heat Toby Lee feels between Wolff and himself real? Or just a sun soaked daydream? Surprised to find himself at a crossroads in his life, with his feet in the sand, Toby Lee finally confronts the question of who genuinely cares for him, and which of his friends are users. Can a boy become a man on a beach vacation?

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