I’m Caraway Carter, an award-winning, author of erotica and gay romance. 

I tell the stories of older gay men, larger men, bears and regular guys. I create compelling stories that make readers think and help them see lives they don’t usually get to read about. I believe that older men need to have their stories told, those second chances at love. I want to present a world that is real and enjoyable, one that can be an escape for some and a retreat for others. It’s never too late for love.


This story is nothing like anything I’ve ever read before, and I love it. It begins with Brandon’s Parisian fling, which is described in wonderfully poetic detail.

Goodreads Reviewer

I’m not usually a fan of stories where “kismet” is involved, Mr. Carter won me over. I wanted Toby and Wolff to be each others’ destiny. Bonus – that the sex is super hot and steamy. What a perfect read for a tropical vacation in paradise.

Goodreads Reviewer

I am someone who is rarely drawn in to romantic fiction, this story engaged me in a way that most books haven’t.



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