The Cadre

A rogue Dom without limits. A BDSM community ready to break him. Can he grovel his way back to the top?

Taylor “Dom Seven” Little’s own painful history drives his excessive cruelty to the submissives in his care. But when the Cadre captures him for his unforgiving abuse, he discovers failure to submit to retraining will land him behind bars. And now to re-earn his right to be a Master, he has no choice but to learn to crawl like a slave.

With his freedom on the line, Taylor struggles to prove himself a docile and obedient student. But every task demanded of him tests his resolve and scrapes further at the wounded layers hiding his abusive past.

Can Taylor slay his inner demons, or will he succumb to his own tormented desires?

The Cadre is a transformative standalone BDSM novel. If you like powerful stories of redemption, insights into human psychology, and realistic portrayals of subcultures, you’ll love this uncompromising tale from BJ Cox.

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