Chapter One

Rick straddled the mechanical bull, because the gang said he couldn’t manage it. He didn’t know what came over him, but he gripped the blanket in front of him as the lanky man covered in black instructed when Rick strode up. The guy wore tight black jeans that had Rick’s mind reeling. A black and blue checked flannel, over a black T-shirt, black boots, and a Lone Ranger mask beneath a black hat. The man’s gray eyes sparkled in the lights. As they dimmed, the music swelled. The man in black stepped on the stirrup and dropped behind Rick. 

He didn’t expect that. He guessed he’d keep going as long as he could and then fall to the mats below. Instead, the rear of the bull lifted in an easy rise that had the man behind him slip down into his back. Rick felt warmth on his backside, and suddenly it was his turn to slide back. 

Feeling Good flowed through the speakers, and Rick couldn’t help but grab the thick thighs straddling him. As the song increased in pace, so too did the up and down of the bull. It was like no other experience he ever had. And if this was what riding a bull was like, he’d be in that rodeo tomorrow. 

He felt lips against his ear as the man behind him pulled him closer to him, his hands on Rick’s waist. “It’s been a long time, Rick.” The deep voice whispered in his ear. 

Rick got lost in the moment, the music rumbling in his chest, his desire for the man behind him, and then he heard his name. The next rise took him by total surprise as, in an instant, the Lone Ranger was sitting in front of him. He removed his hat and placed it on Rick’s head. Rick licked his lips and grinned when he removed the mask. “TC?” 

Rick was being pushed down on the bull. He was lying down, TC was bucking on top of him, and he couldn’t help but get hard. Michael Buble said it for him. He was feeling good. And then TC grabbed the chain around Rick’s neck and lifted him up. One hand on the medallion, the other on a long rope hanging from the ceiling. 

They rode as though they were the only two guys in the bar. “TC? It’s been six years.” 

“Yeah, a lot has happened since we last saw each other.” 

Rick lifted the hat from his head and placed it back on TC’s head. “You look amazing, this is amazing, I didn’t thi — “

TC’s mouth covered Rick’s, their bodies rode each other as they explored each other’s mouths. TC spoke when they pulled apart, “I’m sorry, I had to. I couldn’t control myself.”

Rick grinned, and he leaned forward for another quick lick of TC’s plump lips, as he lifted and was off the bull, once more sliding down into Rick, pulling him down on his chest, one hand sneaked down his chest and the song ended. A country song came up about a guy singing about not letting a girl go. 

“Do you do that for every customer?” Rick said as he slipped off the bull onto wobbly legs. He turned to the side of the room, where the gang sat, stunned. 

“Would you believe me if I said it’s not even my job?” TC slid off the bull beside him. “Can I get you a drink?” 

Rick walked away, but grabbed TC’s waist. “I don’t think I’ve found my land legs. Do you mind if I walk out of here with you?” 

TC pulled Rick close. “I saw you this afternoon and heard through the grapevine that you guys were coming here tonight.” 

“Let’s get out this ring…” Rick followed along as TC walked them out of the squared off arena. The cheers and shouts of disappointment at seeing both men leave. Rick thought he heard someone shout about being next. 

“Not tonight. I’ve found the one.” TC shouted overhead. 

The peanut shells crunched under Rick’s feet as he made his way around the mechanical bull to the table. “Tommy, remember TC?” 

The music rose again as the mechanical bull started up again, but for the rest of the night it never rode as slow as it had between Rick’s thighs. 

“The guy from Disneyland?” Tommy looked at Rick’s flushed face. 

“Is it hot in here?” Rick fanned himself and grabbed the beer from the table. “It’s hot, but I’m thirsty.” 

“Everyone in this bar was thirsty a few minutes ago.” Isaac said. 

“Let me get you that drink. Do you still like Chablis?” TC asked. 

“I’m in a country western bar. I’m fine with beer. Just a cold one, please.” Rick said. 

TC scurried off to the bar. 

“So you know him?” Isaac asked. “I mean, that kiss looked like your lips remembered each other.” 

“Yeah, TC came into my life when I was in a pretty awful place.” 

Tommy nodded. “Disneyland, shit, that was ten years ago. We’d all moved out of the condo and Dennis left you.” 

“Yeah, I was alone and drank a lot.” Rick stared across the room as TC stood chatting with a drag queen in a cowgirl outfit. She smacked him on the back as he grabbed the bottles and headed back. 

“I thought it was a onetime thing.” Tommy said. 

“Nope, we fucked off and on for about five years, then I began investing all my time in Hardin Construction.” He grabbed the beer from TC’s extended hand. “You were at the rodeo this afternoon?” 

“Yeah, I saw you at Brodie’s Brews. Couldn’t believe it was you, and once I found out you’d be here, I hoped that you’d go out there.” He motioned with his beer. 

Rick couldn’t wipe the smile off his face, as he turned, “and you guys owe me two hundred bucks.” He looked up into TC’s eyes, “they didn’t think I could handle it.” 

“Well, I’m glad I could help you win a bet.” TC took a sip of his beer. 

Rick leaned in. “I almost didn’t think I’d make it when you had me lying back.” 

“I’ve got a few more tricks up my sleeve if you want to do it again, some tricks I’ve learned over the years. I’ve got a buddy who does that for a living, giving bull rides for parties.” 

“You kiss everyone?” Isaac blurted out.

“No, that kiss was for this guy alone.” TC pointed at Rick.

Rick tried not to show off any of what he was feeling inside, but every nerve in his body was on fire, every synapsis snapping. His body remembered the familiar rough hands, the thighs clamping his thighs. The lips that took ages for Rick to stop thinking about. And he licked his lips, remembering areas on TC’s body that he used to explore with abandon. 

“Are you going to explain what you meant when you said they transported us to the set of Urban Cowboy?” Isaac had gone back to the statement Rick made when they’d entered the bar. 

Brodie spoke up, “It was a movie from the 80s. It starred John Travolta and Debra Winger and got a lot of people excited with the bull.”

“But weren’t you born in 1980? How could you remember that?” Tommy said. 

“It was my mom’s favorite movie. It’s one of the first things I remember. Lookin for Love was her theme song. That movie was my babysitter. The day it was available on VHS, my mother went out and bought a video machine so she could watch it.”

Isaac nodded and drank his beer. “Would it help me understand the rodeo?” 

“No, it’ll help you understand bar culture and mechanical bull competitions, dancing in bars and beating up your girl.” TC said. 

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